Vigna Chinet


a seven hundred countryside villa

a seven hundred countryside villa

Historic House

The first historical information about vine Chinet come from a Turin hill perspective dated 1690, it’s a pencil drawing by Simone Formento, displayed at the Turin Royal Library. Amedeo Grossi in his work “Guida alle Cascine del Territorio di Torino e contorni”(Volume I and II- Turin 1790) says:<>. According to the testimony of the historians, Chinet Pellizzaro from Savoia family was looking for a vine easy to reach and with beautiful gardens. At the beginning of 1800 it passed onto the hand of the Avogadro di Quaregna family, the scientist Amedeo (1776 – 1857) and the Promis family.

Domenico Promis, famous historian, became the owner in 1844, after him his son Vincenzo who lived there until 1890, then his mother and his sister even after 1910 when the vine became property of the current owners.

Today there is no trace of that beautiful chapel and neither of the italian garden. However it is still available an old planimetry with a document dated 1781 (Turin Ins., 1.6° c.1337 – Avico Topografico – Turin July 2, 1779). It was a rectangular shaped Italian garden divided into 8 different flower beds by 8 radial alleys, however a limitated space in comparison with the open fields and vineyards that encircle the house.